D'addario Tour-Grade Power Base PW-TGPB-01


D'Addario's Tour-Grade Power Base is designed for the touring musician in constant transition between the stage and the road. The Power Base offers 5 standard spaced outlets and 3 transformer spaced outlets. Unlike most power strips that easily tip over, the Power Base features a low, wide footprint in a sturdy metal housing that remains anchored in place no matter how many devices are plugged in. The Power Base also features an integrated cable management system that allows you to wrap the cord around the base for convenience while traveling. No tangling with other cords or gear. No unraveling when thrown in the van. Just an organized power source that’s ready to use, from the studio to the stage and back.

Accommodates 5 standard and 3 transformer outlets
6’ of cable wraps neatly for storage and transportation
Surge Protection with indicator light
Durable metal housing in a low, wide footprint remains steady in place.

Model: PW-TGPB-01
Manufacturer: D'addario
D'addario Tour-Grade Power Base PW-TGPB-01
Regular Price: $59.00
Ike's Price: $34.95

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