HERCULES Ukulele Holder with Clamp USP20CB


The HERCULES Ukulele Clamp USP20CB features the Auto Grip System (AGS) yoke and a fully adjustable clamp that allows you to attach the hanger to various instrument stands and desks.


The Auto Grip System safely locks the instrument in place. It can accommodate ukuleles of all sizes from soprano to baritone.
The fully adjustable clamp can be attached to any tube or desk within the following dimensions:
15.8 mm - 30 mm (0.62" - 1.18") round tube
18 mm - 25.4 mm (0.7" - 1") square tube
10 mm - 25 mm (0.39" - 0.98") thickness

Model: USP20CB
Manufacturer: HERCULES
HERCULES Ukulele Holder with Clamp USP20CB
Regular Price: $37.99
Ike's Price: $26.79

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