American Dj American DJ ADJ Boom Box FX1 3 in 1 Part Light BOO100


For mobile DJs and entertainers, who must setup and dismantle their lighting rig for every show, any reduction in setup time is a real advantage. The same is true for lighting installers working in leisure venues, who have to run power cords and position rigging points for every fixture.

features a party dome moonflower effect that projects countless beams of shimming, swaying, and spinning light from 6 x 3W LEDs (1 red, 1 green, 1 blue, 1 white, 1 amber, and 1 UV). This unique Perspex dome, which protrudes from the front of the unit’s casing, has a myriad of facets which each project a beam of light from the fixture’s collection of potent LEDs in a different direction. The circular arrangement of these facets means that the projected beams are grouped into a collection of concentric circles, which are caused to spin by the movement of the LEDs within the unit. What’s more, as the LEDs are offset inside the fixture, each one creates a separate beam through each facet of the dome. This means that when all the LEDs are illuminated a huge number of beams are generated, creating a mesmerizing effect.

Model: BOO100
Manufacturer: American Dj
American Dj American DJ ADJ Boom Box FX1 3 in 1 Part Light BOO100
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