Gorilla Snot - Drumstick & Pick Grip Stuff KONG

Gorilla Snot - Drumstick & Pick Grip Stuff KONG


The idea for Gorilla Snot was hatched one fateful day around 40 years ago, by Gorilla Snot founder/inventor Dan Eszo. It happened while he was playing bass with his rock & roll band, including future James Gang bass player, Joe Walsh who "practiced all day," Dan recalls. As luck would have it, Dan dropped his pick during a tune and the group began kicking around goofy ideas on how to solve that problem.

Gorilla Snot is a gripping aid. Gorilla Snot lets you hang on to your drumsticks or guitar pick even when your hands are bone dry or slick with sweat! It was developed by professionals for people like you who demand flexibility, functionality, and efficiency in the tools of your trade.
Gorilla Snot is a non-gooey, naturally refined tree rosin. It reacts with your body's natural chemistry and heat output to retain a steady grip on bones, spoons, picks, drumsticks, bows, and any other hard to grip musical instruments.
Gorilla Snot maintains an even consistency while you play. But when you've finished, just separate your fingers for twenty or thirty seconds and the stuff dissolves away completely. The gripping reaction is only effective when you activate it. It cannot stain instruments or clothing because it is entirely permeable to open air and dissipates one hundred percent.

Gorilla Snot... It's what the pros use!

Model: KONG
Manufacturer: Gorilla Snot
Gorilla Snot - Drumstick & Pick Grip Stuff KONG
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