Clarke Penny Whistle CDCC


No other whistle can match the original Clarke Penny Whistle's clear, flute-like tone quality. The Clarke Penny Whistle also has a long and fascinating history. In 1843, Robert Clarke a poor farm labourer left his employer. He was a talented amateur musician and played a wooden whistle. He developed the idea of copying his whistle but used tinplate to do so. He made the block in the mouthpiece out of wood which he cut into shape usuing a homemade saw. He decided to mass produce his new style of whistle. Loading his tools and materials onto a handbarrow, he set off with his son on a very long walk from Suffolk to Manchester. On the way, he regularly set up his workshop handbarrow in market places, showing how the whistles were made and selling them. He would also play for the entertainment of the crowds that gathered round. His most popular piece was "Danny Boy". It is said that the whole busy market would stop and listen when he played this piece

Key of "C"

Model: CDCC
Manufacturer: Clarke
Clarke Penny Whistle CDCC
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