Hosa Normaly off, push on footswitch FSC501


Hosa's FSC-Series foot switches are perfect for guitar-amplifier channel switching, keyboard sustain, synthesizer patch advance, punch-in/out for multi-track recording, and other applications. They all feature steel chassis, high-friction rubber on top and bottom so they can't "walk" away from you like some pedals can, and a generous 3-meter (9.9 ft.) connecting cable.

The FSC-501: (Latching switch) Push-on, push again for off. Great for guitar amp channel switching, on/off for reverbs and echo units, etc. Single button on-off footswitch with attached cable.

Model: FSC501
Manufacturer: Hosa
Hosa Normaly off, push on footswitch FSC501
Regular Price: $41.25
Ike's Price: $26.95

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