Latin Percussio Lp LP459 Vari-tone Shaker


Sometimes the tiniest, most modest shakers can have the greatest impact. This is certainly the case with the new LP Vari-Tone Shaker. You grasp this small wonder and you shake it-simple. But if you want to alter tone, you don't need to reach for something bigger. You simply experiment with pressure. Squeeze the Vari-Tone a little harder, then a little lighter, while you're shaking it. The tones shift and smiles erupt. Out tumbles a range of tones shifting from tight to loose according to the unique touch of the player.

Model: LP459
Manufacturer: Latin Percussio
Latin Percussio Lp LP459 Vari-tone Shaker
Regular Price: $22.00
Ike's Price: $6.00

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