Ibanez FP-777 Flying Pan Limited Edition FP777


The return of one of the greatest phaser pedals of all time! The Ibanez Flying Pan 777 combines phasing, tremolo and stereo panning, creating a perfect storm of effects. The much sought-after original units cost a mint. Now, after 30 years, the Holy Grail of phasers has flown home! Ibanez will be releasing 777 of these amazing units for worldwide distribution. The Flying Pan will be packaged in a special 1970's-style faux-vintage distressed box. Looks like it was discovered in the pawn shop!
We have a limited supply of the fab Flying Pan for you to own, just press buy and we will do the rest.

Model: FP777
Manufacturer: Ibanez
Ibanez FP-777 Flying Pan Limited Edition FP777
Regular Price: $470.57
Ike's Price $199.00

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