Ibanez AW54 Solid Mahogany Top Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

Ibanez AW54 Solid Mahogany Top Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar


The dreadnought body shape of the Ibanez AW54OPN Artwood acoustic guitar, and solid Mahogany top offers full-bodied, well-rounded bigger-than-expected sonic response. The guitar's Mahogany top, back, and sides, breathe freely thanks to a special open pore finish treatment, giving it a full, rich, open sound.

A simple, clean, black-and-white multi rosette handsomely appoints an understated flat finished top. Ibanez Chrome die-cast tuners ensure smooth, accurate, stable tuning.

The Artwood series is the embodiment of what might be called the Ibanez "modern approach to tradition." Cutting edge woodworking technology enables the guitar maker's luthiers to reproduce the sophisticated bracing techniques of one-of-a-kind instruments of yesteryear.

While tradition is obviously the hallmark of the Artwood series, the company's decades-long search for the ultimate in acoustic tone has contributed to design alterations that give Artwood a voice all its own.Solid Mahognay Top

Dreadnought Size Body
Mahogany Back & Sides
Chrome Die-Cast tuning MAchines
Open Pore Natural Finish

Model: AW54
Manufacturer: Ibanez
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Regular Price: $299.99
Ike's Price $199.99

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