Digitech RP70 Multi-effect pedal


Digitech RP70 Modeling Guitar Processor

This guitar modeling processors is hot-rodded from the engine out. Powered by the new AudioDNA2™ processor, the RP70 features your favorite boutique models including wah, stompboxes, amplifiers, cabinets, modulation effects, delays, reverbs, and special effects like DigiTech’s Whammy. Aside from an arsenal of models to choose from, the RP70 features tone and effect libraries allowing you to quickly program sounds with ease. Completing the RP70 are 100 aggressive sounding presets that appeal to today’s modern players.

Model: RP70
Manufacturer: Digitech
Digitech RP70 Multi-effect pedal
Regular Price: $99.95
Ike's Price: $68.00

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