Ibanez Paul Gilbert AF-2 Airplane Flanger AF2


Ibanez AF2 Paul Gilbert Signature Airplane Flanger Pedal

The Paul Gilbert Signature AF2 Airplane Flanger: two pedals in one package. One section is a traditional chorus flange; the other is the "Taxi Take Off" flange (hence the "Airplane" moniker), which provides virtuoso guitarist Paul Gilbert's own "crazy flange" sound, which includes shifting the pitch up and down. Time to buckle up. The AF2 features Manual (delay time), Speed (modulation speed), Range (depth of modulation), and Enhance (feedback) controls.

Rugged diecast case
Cool retro look
Manual: Delay Time
Speed: Modulation Speed
Range: Depth of Modulation
Enhance: Feedback Taxi/Takeoff SwitchInput/
Output: Mono
Power: DC 9V AC Adapter Only (Included)

Model: AF2
Manufacturer: Ibanez
Ibanez Paul Gilbert AF-2 Airplane Flanger AF2
Regular Price: $214.27
Ike's Price: $149.95

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