Pick Punch Standard 351 size PP1


This is one of those; "Why didn't I think of this?" type of products.Are you tired of loosing picks or having to run out to your favorite Uncle Ike's Music outlet just to get a few of those elusive picks? Whether you’re a pro or you’re still putting calluses on your fingertips, you’re most likely going through bucket-loads of picks. With the Pick Punch, you’ve got a new pick waiting for you just about anywhere. The Pick Punch looks like a hole punch, but instead of punching little tiny holes in loose-leaf that somehow wind up all over your clothes, it punches new guitar picks. Old bus pass? That’s a pick. Soda bottle? That’s a pick too. Shoe-obsessed girlfriend’s credit card? Definite pick. Make em just to break em? You will dig this thing.

Model: PP1
Manufacturer: Pick Punch
Pick Punch Standard 351 size PP1
Regular Price: $24.95
Ike's Price $19.95

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