Planet Waves Full Frequency Earplugs PWPEP1


FACT: 60% of inductees into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame are hearing impaired.

While that 60% might be good company to be with, lets be with the 40% that can properly hear. To get there, lets start with the Pacato Hearing Protection! Most hearing protection can alter what you hear, cutting off a lot of high frequencies making your mix sound uneven to you. The Pacato's do not cut anything out! It's as if someone just turned down the volume to a comfortable listening level. This exclusive design offers an open air passage to the ear, minimizing occlusion effect, while keeping the ear ventilated for unmatched comfort. Some key facts:
Provides a noise reduction rating of 19dB
Universal size fits all ears comfortably
Reusable and includes carrying pouch
Can be cleaned with ease

Model: PWPEP1
Manufacturer: Planet Waves
Planet Waves Full Frequency Earplugs PWPEP1
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