K&K Pure Mini + Pre Phase Preamp Guitar Electronics System PUREMINI+PREPHA


The Pure + Pre-Phase combines a Pure pickup (Mini, Classic, or 12-String) with the Pre-Phase Miniature Preamp.

The Pre-Phase provides truly astonishing sound quality. The signal path is very direct and we use only close tolerance grade A components. This means no loss of harmonics. The addition of the phase switch is one of the most important tools for live sound amplification of any acoustic instrument.

The light weight of the Pre-Phase will not affect the acoustic tone of your instrument, and the battery life is 500+ hours, which equals about 1 year on average use.

The volume control wheel allows for convenient adjustment during performance. With the Pre-Phase you should be able to plug your acoustic guitar into any amp or PA directly. Simply use the EQ on the amp or Mixer channel to adjust your tone.

Why is a phase switch so important: Your unplugged acoustic guitar resonates in a given phase. The amplified sound needs to match this phase! Out of phase sound feedbacks, has phase cancellations on some notes and sounds quacky and tinny overall. Phase problems cannot be sufficiently solved with EQ. Any amp/PA/effect-unit/preamp may or may not flip the phase, the only way to be sure that your guitar is in phase with the amp-sound is a phase switch in your signal chain! In our opinion a phase switch is the #1 control for any amplified acoustic instrument.

Manufacturer: K&K
K&K Pure Mini + Pre Phase Preamp Guitar Electronics System PUREMINI+PREPHA
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