Ibanez PS60SSL Paul Stanley Signature Electric Guitar Silver Sparkle


Much like Paul Stanley, the Ibanez PS60 has distinguishing and memorable characteristics, like a uniquely styled resonant poplar body and chrome hardware. The PS60 also features a slim profile maple neck, with treated New Zealand pine fingerboard, for balanced tone. It sports two high-output, Infinity R Humbucker pickups for a sound that will let you rock 'n' roll all night. If you're a rock guitarist looking for an awesome, affordable axe that pays homage to one of the greatest frontmen of all time, the PS60 is the way to go.

Uniquely Styled Resonant Poplar Body
The bravado of this body shape is symbolic of Paul Stanley and his music. He's a rock icon who deserves a signature model that stands out the way he does. This stylish poplar body, adorned with chrome hardware, has a bottom cutaway that kicks out, and curves in all the right places for comfortable playing.

Slim Profile Maple Neck with Treated New Zealand Pine Fingerboard
The slim maple neck of this guitar allows free and easy playing, in the style of Paul Stanley. The treated New Zealand pine fretboard is unique in that it's gone through an advanced seasoning process which yields a harder, more durable piece of wood. As a result, it offers enhanced stability while producing a rich warm tone.

High-Output Infinity R Humbuckers
With high-output pickups in the bridge and neck positions, this PS60 gives you the power to rock a stadium, the way Paul Stanley has for decades. A pickup selector and three control knobs let you crank up the volume of each pickup individually, and adjust the overall tone however you want.

Model: PS60SSL
Manufacturer: Ibanez
Ibanez PS60SSL Paul Stanley Signature Electric Guitar Silver Sparkle
Regular Price: $399.99
Ike's Price: $299.99

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