Ludwig Atlas Mount Bracket LAPAM1


The Ludwig Atlas Mount Bracket turns any lug casing on your drums into a tom mount, cymbal mount, or hardware mount - it doesn't matter what kind of drums you have, Ludwig or not. The potential exists to completely eliminate cymbal stands from your setup!

This little piece of hardware actually replaces your entire lug casing. The engineers at Ludwig have designed the mount section to be completely isolated from the lug casing section - that means no sound bleeding from the mounted instrument to the drum, or vice versa.

The possibilities are really only limited by your imagination, but here's some of the things we did with these mounts:
Mount a ride cymbal to a floor tom
Mount a crash cymbal to a bass drum
Mount a cowbell to the snare drum
Turn a kick drum into a flat multi-bass with accessories
Atlas Mounts are meant to hold modern Ludwig hardware - 12.7mm rods - but each mount comes with 9.5mm and 10.5mm adapters to fit nearly any kind of hardware out there.

Model: LAPAM1
Manufacturer: Ludwig
Ludwig Atlas Mount Bracket LAPAM1
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