Hohner "Blues" Harmonica Pack HBP


The Hohner Hoodoo Blues Harmonica 3-Pack is all you need to play the blues. This set includes three of the most popular harmonicas in a handy, zippered case. Therefore, this Hohner diatonic harmonica is ideal to offer you all that you need to kick-off with your Blues career. It helps you connect with the popular term "Hoodoo Man" that is used in many old Blues tunes and therefore helps in depicting a folk-magician or "conjurer". The three popular Keys of Kids Harmonica are C, D, and G. It comes with a zippered carrying case that is made up of tolex material for a durable performance. This lightweight toy harmonica has 10-holes and brass reeds to get the ultimate blues tone.

Hoodoo Blues Harmonica 3-Pack
: Includes harmonicas in the keys of C, D and G
Lightweight design
10-hole design
Brass reeds offer the ultimate blues tone
Comes in a zippered case

Model: HBP
Manufacturer: Hohner
Hohner "Blues" Harmonica Pack HBP
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