Genzler Acoustic Array Mini Acoustic Guitar Amp AA-MINI


GENZLER® AMPLIFICATION is proud to announce a new addition of our Acoustic Array® family — the Acoustic Array® MINI. Building upon our heritage in innovative acoustic amplification design and build, the AA-MINI brings many of the features and performance of our larger AA-PRO into a smaller, more compact acoustic amplifier. Both models bring a unique and fresh design and performance level to acoustic instrument amplification, from acoustic/electric guitars, mandolin, ukulele, violin, cello or other acoustic instruments.

The AA-MINI offers a full featured preamp design with dedicated Mic and Instrument channels, our unique Contour circuit (Inst Ch), flexible EQ network, Digital Effects, a 100 Watt Class D power amplifier platform, unique angled cabinet shape, and a sophisticated speaker system design.

Model: AA-MINI
Manufacturer: Genzler
Genzler Acoustic Array Mini Acoustic Guitar Amp AA-MINI
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